About NACE

The purpose of this website…

If you’re a parent that is worried about earning too much money on paper to qualify for financial aid and believe that your only options may be to take a major hit on your retirement savings or bind your child to big debt then this is unquestionably the most important website you’ll visit this year.

Here’s why:

Finding the money for college isn’t easy — doesn’t matter if you’re sending one child, two children or three — saving fast enough to keep up with the rising cost is next to impossible for middle income parents so I want to introduce you to BETTER WAYS to come up with the money than resorting to high-interest loans.

As you spend some time on this site you’ll not only discover the easiest and fastest ways to ease the financial burden on both you and your student(s) but also how to pay as little as possible for any college/university education.

What’s the catch?

I’m often asked why me, a well-respected expert on paying for college without loans is giving such valuable information away for free.

My answer is simple…

I want to reach as MANY parents as possible. I have information that I know will help parents come up with the money they need to help their children graduate with little to no debt. If I only give it to families that pay me handsomely to work with me personally then I can’t make much of a difference.

That’s why there’s a ton of great information available to you absolutely free — articles, email training, videos, you’re free to learn before any money changes hands.

Of course, I hope you’ll join The Debt Free College Program and our growing community of 5,500+ savvy parents who are all working towards getting the affordable education they deserve.

You can see how it works when you’re ready but of course, this information will always be free and available to you.

If you doubt the effectiveness of my methods (and the other College Experts at NACE) then just read this…


It’s one of dozens of testimonials from parents like you. This will alleviate your fear of browsing yet another website without getting the information you need!

How did I get to know so much about saving money on college?

Well, it’s a long story but you can read the short(ish) version here.

In a nutshell though… I was having coffee with a “finance friend” of mine and the subject of the ridiculous cost of college and how it can have disastrous effects for families.

He started telling me about clever ways to bring the cost down and since then I’ve dedicated my time to finding more of those clever ways to bring the cost down.

That’s led me to helping thousands of parents in pretty much every state in the country find the money they need to get their children the education they deserve (without BIG debt!)

If you have a question you want to know the answer too you can try the FAQ page or personally send me an email via the contact page.

I really appreciate your willingness to trust me with something as important as your family’s future — I fully intend on meeting (and exceeding) your expectations!

Best Wishes,

Afra Sanjari