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Even if you’re applying to expensive schools, don’t have the savings & need to cover costs for all your children…

  • Learn the right way to approach the cost of college and position yourself to pay as little as possible
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  • Discover the secrets to finding additional money from Private/Outside Scholarships
  • Find ways to deal with other expenses involved with college like housing, food and books.
  • How to keep driving down the cost of college even when you have more than one child to help.

Strategies That Work Even If You Make Too Much Money For Financial Aid.

Don’t think you’ll qualify for financial aid? We’ll help you overcome the unrealistic demands of FAFSA.

  • Finally! Methods that help you avoid draining your own retirement savings.
  • Why your income and assets don’t have to reduce the amount of financial aid you receive.
  • Exactly how to negotiate with schools and take your financial situation out of their equation.
  • How to reduce your “EFC” and increase your chances of receiving free grant money.
  • Live comfortably throughout the “college years” and keep more of what you’ve worked hard for.

Here’s How to Start Reducing The Cost of College NOW:

Finding the money for college is not easy. The cost of everything continues to rise while salaries stay near enough the same.

Having enough money to pay without taking on big debt IS achievable if you start planning early enough (even if you’re struggling to see how you can afford it right now)…

You’ll need to be savvy… You’ll need to be smart…

But start today and neither you nor your student(s) need to be bound by BIG debt…

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