Customer Case Studies

Case Studies & Reviews from Actual Customers

“$44,000 Saved Within 2 Hours of Watching”

CarolJust wanted to drop in and say thank you SO much for sharing as much as you have in the DFC Program as both me and my husband have been feeling really anxious about our finances lately.

Thanks to your video on choosing the right school we pretty much instantly avoided making a terrible decision and have saved $11,000 a year as a result.

And what’s really exciting is that from what I’ve seen in the other videos I know that numbers only going to get bigger once I apply it so I couldn’t be happier right now! 🙂



P.S - Whenever we discuss college finance in my house now my husband asks what you have to say about it 🙂

“We Now Don’t Need A Single Loan”


rachelI’m writing you to say you’ve saved my whole family a lot of heartache as we now realize we don’t need to take out a single loan to get our daughter through school. 

I admit, we’ve saved quite well for the college years over time but our daughters first choice school wasn’t financially great so we were looking at taking out around $15,000 for each year in loans so she could make it through but thanks to your team we’ve now taken that idea off the table and decided on a school that’s just as good is the better choice because it means she can go without having to take out any debt. 

She’s still really happy and we’re obviously much happier as parents! A true win-win. 

I’m sure I’m not the first and I won’t be the last to tell you what an amazing resource you’ve created for us parents but I thought it would be nice to drop by and tell you anyway. 

Rachel Williams

“I Had No Idea This Was Even Possible”



I know you’re probably really busy but I just wanted to say how thankful I am that I stumbled across you and all your advice.

Until recently I had no idea it was even possible to save much money on college. Me and my partner had pretty much resigned ourselves to signing off on loans on our sons behalf but WOW, what a difference a few weeks makes. 

We’ve ditched most of our original ideas as we were clearly getting the whole process very badly wrong and are now starting over with the DFC methods you recommend. 

By my calculations, my son will now only have a very small amount of debt when he leaves which although not quite debt-free still makes me want to cry tears of joy!!! 

I can’t begin to express how grateful I am to you and the other college experts - this is in my opinion the most important thing I’ve ever bought!